Sunday, July 1, 2007

Theories as Book Seven Looms Ahead

Welcome to the Harry Potter section of this blog! Despite the date of the very last book being published inching inexorably nearer, and with it the end of the beloved Harry Potter series, this part of the blog is just at its initiation. It will be a celebration of all things Harry Potter, any and every aspect of these amazing books that the given leader of the blog chooses to comment on, question, test, or ponder. I do not know whether to laugh or cry at the prospect of the last battle of Harry and Voldemort (shiver) and epic final book being read, and with it the suspense that so many fans have lived in for so many years relinquished.

However, I do know that the late Dumbledore once sagaciously said: “…I will only truly have left this school when none here are loyal to me” (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets).Taking these wise words to heart, it is evident that even when the last book has been published, read, and placed on the bookshelf, the Harry Potter series will never cease in its glory until not one more person left in this universe is loyal to it—an astounding feat that I doubt shall ever occur.

Sentimentalities over, without further ado I shall present this weeks Harry Potter topic in one word, theories. Basically, please reply with your predictions of any events that may happen in the book to come, the most anticipated of course being who will die, namely Voldemort or Harry, because according to Trelawney’s prophesy, “neither can live while the other survives.” Additionally, J.K. Rowling has hinted that there will be two other major deaths. I dread, but surely not, that these may end up being Ron and Hermione.

Right now you are thinking skeptically to yourself that this could never happen, but I personally would not put it past Rowling to create a dark end. After all, she is said to have considered killing off Harry, on the grounds that if she didn’t, people would steal her character. So I wouldn’t put it past her, but my real theory is that this threat on the horizon is just a cover-up. See, J. K. Rowling doesn’t want her fans to commence reading with the mindset: Here is the big finish where Harry will struggle his way nobly through all of the Horcrux’s, after much dramatic action kill Voldemort, and live happily ever after. Also, her reasoning about character stealing isn’t very well founded, as people would steal her character regardless. If I were her, I would want people to open Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows magic-filled pages with an air of excited foreboding, the victor in posterity still shrouded.

Of course, you might argue that I hide behind this theory because I would be utterly depressed if Harry was murdered, meeting the same gruesome end as his parents, and you might be right. I am in enough of a shock that Dumbledore died. Speaking of which, one theory that would be especially intriguing to hear is the matter of Snape and Dumbledore.

My feeling is, why would the brave Dumbledore, the greatest wizard who ever lived, have the dying words of “Severus…Please” unless he was trying to convey some kind of important message? Maybe that is just how the event unfolded. Maybe Dumbledore sacrificed himself so Snape’s cover as one of the loyal Death Eaters would not be blown. Maybe it was something else entirely…for you explore. So, remember that the celebration of Harry Potter is not at its end but only at its beginning, and if you feel compelled to respond to anything in this far-too-long introduction, please do so. (Muggles included).


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Carol said...

Here is my guess. I think Dumbledore was dying from something. It may be that he had been dying from the time he got the ring horcrux and his hand was ruined. Perhaps what he drank on the island when he and Harry made that last quest was finishing him off. Anyway, I believe Dumbledore and Snape had an arrangement that Snape would kill Dumbledore when the time came that Dumbledore asked him to do it. This would help Snape cement his standing as a Deatheater (where he acted as a double agent for the Order of the Phoenix), and it would release Draco Malfoy from his assignment to murder Dumbledore, a task he was clearly having trouble bringing himself to do. I think Dumbleodore was aware that Draco was supposed to kill him and he used Snape to save Draco from becoming a murderer.

Furthermore, I think Harry's scar will prove to be a horcrux. Harry will think he himself has to die to finish off Voldemort entirely. I think Snape will intervene again, and perform a spell which removes the horcrux from Harry and puts it into himself. He will die instead of Harry, and he will do it for his love for Harry's mother, which will be revealed in the last book. Possibly Draco Malfoy, torn with remorse for what he almost did, will assist Snape in this last endeavor.

That's my favorite theory. Other times, I dream up other ones. I can't wait to read Rowling's ending. Then I can start over again at book one!

Sara said...

WOW. Carol, I kind of shivered reading your brief overview of what J.K. Rowling's 6 books and many years of writing will conclude with. After trying to check MuggleNet every day, I have fully given up on formulating an adequate guess for what book 7 will bring us, but I know that it will be a surprise, and I am thus far enjoying just musing over all the possible ways Ginny and Harry can get back together.
They BETTER get back together. Was there ever a better couple, in this world or theirs?

Lily said...

OMG! After all this time, I just read the post and responses again and...practically everything that Carol theorized actually happened!! How did you do that?

Let's review.

a) Dumbledore was in fact dying from the time that he tried on the resurrection stone before removing the horcrux in the ring.

b) After this turn of events, he did make an arrangement with Snape to kill him when the time came, and this was in part to save Malfoy from the bloody task!

c) Harry's scar was kind of a horcrux, or at least that was an indication of the presence of a horcrux. Whatever the scar was, Harry did ultimately think he had to kill himself to defeat Voldemort and Snape was the one who told him this through the memories.

d) And Snape's entire motivation for protecting Harry throughout all of the novels was his unflagging love for Lily Potter!

That really is a freakishly amazingly accurate theory. I just had to call attention to that.