Thursday, May 31, 2012

March 2012

Congratulations to everyone who submitted to the 2012 regional Scholastic Awards! We are proud of you all, and are so happy for those who won outside recognition this year. NYC Results: Of the 375 Gold Keys awarded this year, 76 of them went to Writopians! Of the 303 Silver Keys, 39 of them went to Writopians! That’s right, Writopians won 115 keys in 2012! Keep thinking, keep imagining, keep surprising us all with your insights and humor. ♥
Once again, Writopians won more National Medals than any other group of students in the country. And for the first time a Writopian, Emma Goldberg, won the nation's top award: National Gold Portfolio Medal.

Writopia was honored with the 2012 Ovation Inspired Teaching Award for "developing a method of working with students that inspires them to create original work that embodies their unique, personal voice--the core values and criteria of the Scholastic Awards. Because of your tutelage and the validation that the Awards offer, these students are now empowered to bring that voice into the broader world..."
Congratulations also to Writopia Lab DC winners for their outstanding showing in this year's regional Scholastic Awards. 43 Writopia DC writers won: 3 of the top 5 submissions in the region (American Voices nominees), 16 Gold Keys, 34 Silver Keys, and 34 Honorable Mentions. Wow! We are so so proud. See all DC winners here: Read more!