Tuesday, July 3, 2007

My Favorite Writing Exercise and my favorite place in NYC

Another one of my favorite writing exercises is to sit with a pen and piece of paper and follow my stream of consciousness. This usually helps me put down a great number of thoughts, even if they aren't connected to one main idea. I can then reread what I've written and look for a topic that I believe I can weave into a story.

Another one of my favorite places in NYC is Grand Central Station. What I love about Grand Central Station is the immense open space inclosed by the spectacular dome ceiling. It is a place crowded with people either trying to reach a destination or arriving home. Grand Central Station is one of the finest of New York City's historical sites and a place that has the potential for generating many stories.

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Rebecca said...

Jamie, I love Grand Central Station, too. My fiance's mother--who was an author--once said: "I don't know how people can read books in the subway when there are so many stories walking around them."