Thursday, July 5, 2007

contemporary iraqi artists

Here are some links to art made mostly by Iraqi expatriates. To put things into perspective, most of these artists grew up during the Iran-Iraq war (Gulf War), and are now living their early adulthood with the spectre of the current situation.

  • Ali Rashid, now living in Germany, graduated from the Bahdad Institute of Fine Art:
  • Haider Wady, born in 1976 Baghdad, is a member of the Iraqi Society of Plastic Art, has exhibited in Paris, Syria, Morocco, Iraq:

  • Mohammed Al Sadoun, raised in Southern Iraq, studied at Ohio State and the University of Hartford in CT, as well as the University of Baghdad, has been exhibiting internationally since 1975, here is an interesting article with artwork included:
  • Dr. Ali Zayni, born in Baghdad, is a practicing cosmetic dentist as well as an artist, also studied music in Baghdad, later taught the oud (Arab instrument) for a year in a New England school, today lives in Amman, Jordan:
  • Lamia Jamal Al-Talabany, Iraqi Kurd, graduate of Baghdad University and London University, lives in Jordan, quote from front page of website "I hope my children and grandchildren will have the opportunity to live in a better world, a world of freedom and justice,"

Here is a good site to search for more:

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