Monday, July 23, 2007

The Dark Curtain

Co-Written by Ixchel Bosworth

Nesreen A. Al Jubouri is an Iraqi teacher and one of the millions of Iraqis struggling throughout the United States' War on Terror. Last week, she graciously came from Baghdad to teach us here at WritopiaLab about what's really going on and to clear up any and all misconceptions surrounding the situation. I felt anxious about the possible discussions we all could have had. I was worried she would feel as though we were prying into her life and that she had a bad image of Americans in general. But, my worries were wonderfully wrong. Nesreen was willing to answer all of the questions asked and with thoughtful and insightful answers. I felt as though a curtain was being drawn back and a new image was vividly exposed.

Nesreen did not sugar coat the tragic events taking placing in Iraq yet she was not graphic. I could feel the pain in every sigh she made as she stood eyes focusing on each of us, telling the terrors that engulf her homeland. I was most surprised by the comment that Saddam Hussein's leadership is a better alternative than the war. I probably shouldn't be, but seeing as how his dictatorship was harsh and stern, I'm sure many can relate to what I'm saying. Nesreen really wanted us all to know that Iraqi culture is severely suffering and that the war is digging Iraq into a larger rut than it was in the previous day. It is all a perpetuation of violence that serves justice to none. It is so heartbreaking to watch a woman fight back tears while explaining how unsafe she is in her own house, sans basic human needs like running water. It is the same at her job and all throughout her life. That is something I will not soon forget. She has been thwarted by hatred, violence, and gloomy consequences to the aforementioned. She is a true survivor.


Rebecca Segall said...

Beautifully said. Thank you Nico & Ixchel. (And thank you Nesreen, of course.)

Carol said...

What a valuable experience - to have the opportunity to speak to the Iraqi teacher! Most American citizens have only the information that comes to them through the news media, and it is naturally going to address only that which is deemed to be "news". How much more one can learn from an encounter like this! The feelings and thoughts of Nesreen A. Al Jubouri, the details of her life and the descriptions of how it has changed, given to you in person, is a gift not many receive. To get to know people from other cultures is the very best way to learn about our world - so much more than mere academic studies.

Anonymous said...

Nesreen is a true ambassador for truth in our all too rare example of how really easy it is break down the barriers of ignorance and indifference...that lead to this appalling and unbelievable violence! She should be broadcast in every schoolroom and workplace break-room and Wallmart TV America. And thank you Amy Goodman ( for your broadcast (7/27/07) of this powerful woman and this powerful witness to the children of this Iraqui massacre. Thank you both for your understated, eloquent voices for communication, understanding and peace.

Bruce and Nesreen said...
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