Tuesday, July 3, 2007

After a week of blogging & summer workshopping!

Hi WritopiaLab bloggers, writers, workshop participants, literary editors, and fans!

What a wonderful ten days it has been! New short stories and memoir have been imagined, remembered, put down on paper, pored over... Plays have been constructed and reconstructed as we prepare for staged, theatrical readings... And an array of thoughtful, profound, edgy, forward-looking, and most importantly, distinct personalities and ideas have been emerging each day from the blog. In fact, the first thing I do when I wake up is check to see who has written what on the blog. And I am not the only one! Each day we are getting about a dozen more hits than the previous day! Yay Writopia Lab's Teen & Tween Writers!!!!

Some news: Email Dan (Dan@WritopiaLab.org) if you want to see "Voices in Conflict," a well-reviewed play about Iraq written and performed by teens. We are going together next week. (We have free tickets!)

Also, it is official, we will be having a reading in September at Barnes & Noble at which all of our summer participants will be reading the work that emerged from the summer workshops!

Lastly, for all workshop participants and bloggers: Dan and I are planning a cooking party for sometime in July. Wanna come?



Sara said...

Oooh that sounds great. When would the party be?
Hope you are both (Dan and Rebecca) enjoying the week. I am sore in muscles I didnt even know existed because I've been doing trapeze and pop action dance every day.
Happy Independence Day, all!!!!!!

Rebecca said...

Dan is in Miami (!) so I imagine he is enjoying the week. We want to make fresh pasta from scratch when he gets back with you guys... don't know when yet... What do you think, are weekends or week days better in general? Hmm...(um, did you know that "hm" and "hmm" are legit scrabble words? yep...) Maybe Thurs next week? What's out of the question for you?

Sara said...

Well, you definitely shouldnt plan this around my schedule. I will be out of commission from Sunday the 8th through Sunday the 22nd. I'll be around Monday to Friday of the next wekk, but probably spending alot of time madly packing and, of course, seeing the White Stripes!! Anyway, the point of this tangent is that you should talk to some other bloggers.