Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Writopia Reading at Book Culture!

On Monday, November 17th, our 12- and 13-year-olds took center stage at Book Culture, a wonderfully warm and cozy independent book store located on 112th street off Broadway.

Congratulations: Emily Barnett, Jenan Jacobson, Sinika Martin-Gonzalez, Ena Selmanovic, Rachel Sobelsohn, Rebecca Teich, Olivia Williams, and Miko Zeldes-Roth for completing, revising, and polishing, at least one short story, memoir, play, or piece of journalism! And, of course, for sharing their words with a live audience of friends, family, fans, and book shoppers at Book Culture.


Andrea said...

Congrats to all writers and readers!

Looks like a very cozy space to have a reading - perfect.

Jonathan said...

Whats book culture???????

Rebecca Segall said...

It's a great, independent book store located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan!