Sunday, November 4, 2007

Introducing "Write On!"

Creative writing has been known to not only be an expression of self, but an interpretation of other people, and the world at large. Of course, this wisdom is learned at some point throughout life. While younger writers understandably don’t know everything about life, through their writing, they can begin to understand their own lives and observe others’ lives. It’s important for young people to express themselves through a positive outlet, and there is perhaps no more interesting release than writing fictional short stories, plays, and memoirs. This is the foundation of the workshops at WritopiaLab, and the guiding force behind the upcoming newsletter.

Write On! is a monthly reminder of why young people write. Our goal is to share our perspective and the perspectives of young writers throughout New York City. This newsletter will keep the entire WritopiaLab family abreast of what’s going on within the program and in the lives of our alumni. Each month, Write On! will feature a student-written short story and poem, demonstrating the immense talent of the kids enrolled in our workshops. We will also feature student recommendations of the most intriguing cultural spots in New York, the most inspirational vistas in the City, and in every issue, a young guest columnist will take us through the methods of their writing process. Write On! is a celebration of WritopiaLab’s incomparable students and of New York. It will be a bright, informative newsletter that maintains our mission – to bridge gaps between young, urban writers, showing them the commonalities of their intellectual pursuits, and offering them an opportunity to express themselves in ways they might not be able to otherwise.


Lily said...

interesting idea for a blog--i like it. I will definitely read it when i have time, although at the moment there are many annoyances (cough-homework) that must be attended to. Now, who will the first guest columnist be?

Rebecca Segall said...

The Newsletter is going out a few days late... we're waiting for photos from the reading.