Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Barnes and Noble Reading, an Experience

By Lily G.

Reading at Barnes and Noble this Monday was definitely an exciting, fun, and only slightly scary event. =). I read my humor piece about a yenta-ish, Star Wars-obsessed owl somewhere in the 4-6:00pm portion of the event, and I think it went reasonably well. In turn, all of the brilliant pieces I heard, ranging from short stories to memoirs, held a captivated audience that gasped, laughed, and clapped at all of the right moments. Well done!

I had been to a reading at Barnes and Noble last year in the same room, and I did not read half as well then as I did this time. LOL this time around I actually remembered to speak into the microphone. The people I heard projected very well, but the only problem for us young writers at these events if there ever are any is that we do not do our work justice by mumbling it. So let people appreciate your hard work, and articulate!

The question and answer session that I was included in was brief and laid back, but the audience asked good questions and were met with great answers! I could tell they appreciated being responded too, especially if they asked difficult questions that involved the writers of memoirs. I have only written one memoir, a piece of writing I felt was rather hard to put into words, and I imagine it would be all the harder to read it out loud. So a round of applause for all of the valiant memoir readers!

Anyway, that is my experience of the event, and two thumbs up overall. I know I was not present for the majority of the time, and different people have different perspectives. So if anyone who participated is hanging around the blog, why not reply with your feelings? Finally, in case I was not clear, I think the reading was a fabulous success, and hopefully there will be more that are just as memorable in the near future!


Nico said...

I think the reading was a success, too, but I was more than a little scared. I think all of the first-timers were intimidated by the prospect, but it turned out very well. Congratulations everyone.

Rebecca Segall said...

Lily, there will be more! In fact, we're hoping to have the next one in a theater :-).