Monday, June 13, 2011

2011 Stephen Sondheim's YP Results!

Congratulations Writopia playwrights and our fabulous playwrighting teacher, Dan Kitrosser! Writopia playwrights took home top prizes in each and every category of Stephen Sondheim’s NYC “Write a Play!” Contest this year!

List of Writopia 2011 YP Winners:

Elementary school division winners:
  • Maya Horn
  • Benjamin Firester
Middle School division winners:
  • Rachel Calnek-Sugin
  • Finalist: Jennifer Richards
High School division winners:
  • May Treuhaft-Ali
  • Layla Treuhaft-Ali 
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

2011 Writopia Scholastic Results!

Writopia writers, once again, won more regional keys and national medals in the Scholastic Writing Awards than any other group of kids in the entire nation! Congratulations to all who submitted to the 2011 Scholastic awards! (Photo below, right: Rebecca Shubert, 17, reading from her National-Winning work at our finale reading at the World Financial Center). We are happy for the following NYC Writopia writers for winning regional keys this year:

Writopia NYC Regional Results
Alagappan,    Serena (3)
Arnum,    Drew
Back-Gaal,    Isaiah (2)
Barnett,    Emily (2)
Berger,    Rachel (2)
Brudner,    Rebecca Anne (4)
Byrnes,    Julie
Crawford,    Lauren
Elings-Haynie,    Altana
Firester,    Kalia (2)
Gellman,    Lily (4)
Giovannini,    Isabella (2)
Goldberg,    Emma (4)
Henderson-Charnow,    Hannah (2)
Johnson,    Sofia (2)
Loucka,    Annie (4)
Markham-Cantor,    Alice (4)
Mazer,    Noah
Miller,    Nora (3)
Miller,    Anna
Miller,    Nora (7)
Modabber,    Angelica
Muldofsky,    Mack (3)
Nawal,    Arjini (2)
Pearsall,    Riley
Polsky,    Joe (3)
Ross,    Dan
Shubert,    Rebecca
Sorenson,    Carly
Stein,    Olivia
Teich,    Rebecca
Treuhaft-Ali,    Layla (2)
Treuhaft-Ali,    May (3)
Udo,    Isabel
Williams,    Kai
Wolfson,    Dalia (2)
Wong,    Matthew
Zalph,    Jessica (2)

Writopia NYC National Results
Over 100,000 pieces are submitted each year from around the country. While fewer than 1% are recognized with national honors each year, over 10% of our writers' pieces won national recognition this year! 


Modabber,    Angelica
Stein,    Olivia
Goldberg,    Emma (2)
Shubert,    Rebecca
Berger,    Rachel
Calnek-Sugin,    Rachel (2)
Firester,    Kalia
Ross,    Dan
Treuhaft-Ali,    Layla
Brudner,    Rebecca Anne
Muldofsky,    Mack
Giovannini,    Isabella
Gellman,    Lily
Miller,    Nora (2)

Writopia DC -- Regional and National Results

Brescia-Weiler,    Maria (National Medal)
Clark,    Anthony
Collins,    Sydney (2)
Connaughton ,   Grace
Cooper,    Preston
Edwards,    Belen (2)
Epstein-Boley,    Rebecca (2)
Forman,    Ellie
Gans,    Khalia
Goldstein,    Scott
Hopson ,   Chris
Laguarda,    Sofia (2) (National Medal)
Lainoff,    Lillie  (National Medal)
Lloyd,    Marwan
McLaughlin,    Alexandra
McLish,    Jennifer
McNamee,    Grace (3) (Two National Medals)
Mills,    Zoe
Mitchell,    Margaret
Mitchell,    Alexander
Olshin,    Abbie (2)
Page,    Gillian
Page,    Rachel
Profit,    Nicole (2)
Rosenthal,    Annie (National Medal)
Ross-Cabrera,    Keanu
Sbily,    George
Shapiro,    Eva
Thomas,    Ajani
Wirtz,    Megan Read more!