Thursday, April 8, 2010

Writopia Writers' Work on Display!

The 2010 Radiant Windows Community Project has begun! Already, five pieces have been chosen -- and are on display -- in local stores and restaurants!
Congratulations Danielle Haas Freeman (Uno's Chicago Grill), Dan Ross (Amsterdam Gallery), Lena Beckenstein (Europan Cafe), Peter Cohen (T & R Pizza), Rebecca Shubert (T & R Pizza) and Jenan Jacobson (Kosty Hardware) for being the first to be picked!
          Radiant Windows is a city-wide community project launched by Writopia Lab in which young writers (ages 8-18) compose short vignettes and poems inspired by the hardware stores, cafes, pizza parlors, hair salons, and general scene on the streets of New York City. The Radiant Windows Community Project seeks to celebrate young writers’ work throughout the city and expose the public to the inspiring literature emerging from these dedicated and talented youth. We are accepting submissions from kids across the city for this project on an ongoing basis.  Email submissions to
          To the community: Thank you for taking part in in this exciting project. By displaying and celebrating a young writer's work, you are helping nurture her talents, and empowering her to pursue her dreams. Thank you for helping us build a literary youth community, thank you for recognizing the young writer whose work you are displaying, and thank you for making New York…New York.
And here is the rest of it.

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