Saturday, July 11, 2009

Summer Writers Meet Writing Goals!!!

As we complete our fifth week of intensive summer workshopping, we are thrilled to report that the following summer workshoppers met their goals, each authoring an original short story or memoir with a beginning, middle, and, yes, (drum roll), an actual end. And the stories were wonderful and varied, each reflecting the writers' unique sensibility--some were whimsical and hilarious, others dark and dramatic, and several were filled with adventure.

Congratulations Josie, Michael, Anna, Amanda, Johanna, Ariel, Rebecca, Roman, Steve, Maya L., Mack, Stone, Eliza, Julia, Noam, Dani, Chloe, Julian, Olivia, Jada, Trevor, Will, Gaby, Kai, Maya G., Elena, Avi R., Adam, Jenny, Mariel, Sasha, Rachel B., Wicy, and Katie! And good luck to the other summer writers who set longer term goals since they will be with us for additional workshops this season. What an awesome summer so far!

All writers who complete a story this summer will be published in a Writopia Lab anthology, invited to read their prose at a book store in the fall during our seasonal reading series, and will have the opportunity to submit to several competitions and publications.

Writopia writers won more national awards in 2008 and 2009 than did any group of kids in the entire country.


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