Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Writopia Art Designer Wins the Jury Prize at the Indy Awards in Indianapolis

Andrea Listenberger, currently a senior at Vassar, spent a semester abroad last spring in Prague producing, co-writing, and co-directing the film, "In Memoriam." The film was was selected for the Indy Awards in Indianapolis, was shown last Saturday, and won the Jury Prize at the prestigious event! Congratulations Andrea!

While I am thrilled and continually impressed by Andrea's determination and talent, I am not at all surprised by her most recent and most public success. Andrea spent the summer of 2007 interning for us, designing our blog (yes, the one you are currently reading) and helping to organize our public readings and Iraq-US Teen Writing Exchange Project. Best of all, she now works for us, designing all of our fliers and the newest images that appear on our website (including the Gold Apple Teacher Award logo). We do not know what we would do without her!!


Anonymous said...

congratulations, Andrea! You deserve it all. I'd love to see the film.


Rebecca Segall said...

Rachel, I linked to the film...above!