Wednesday, August 6, 2008

NY's Award-Winning Young Poets and Rising Stars Read at Bryant Park!

Posted by Rebecca Wallace-Segall

On a warm Tuesday evening in July, Writopia had the pleasure of hosting a poetry reading celebrating the works of New York City's award-winning teen poets and rising stars with an audience of over 75 family members, friends, fans, and passersby.

The best moment of the event probably occurred at the very end of our Question & Answer session when a five-year-old girl asked the panel of young poets how old they were when they began writing. "Your age," responded Stephen Piccarella, 17, a 2008 National Gold Key Recipient of the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. The little girl beamed as eight others took the mic to share funny and encouraging words.

More photos below of award-winning writers and rising stars: Julia Dratel, 17, Emma Fiske-Dobell, 16, Mary Gilbert, 16, En-Szu Hu-Van Wright, 17, Isabel Marcus, 14, Maxine McGredy, 13, Pearl Mutnick, 14, Stephen Piccarella, 17, Genevieve Sambrook, 11, Rebecca Teich, 12, Jessica Zalph, 14. (These writers read their own award-winning or new poetry along with the works of the following award-winning and, in some cases, published young poets: Noa Bendit-Shtull, 16, Louis Evans, 17, Nadya Kronis, 13, Jamie Maffeo, 14, and Nicole Maffeo, 16.

Thank you to the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards for helping us gather such a spectacular group of young writers, and for the invaluable work they do in inspiring and celebrating the emergence of new creative works across the country.


Julia said...

Thanks Rebecca! The reading was a really fun experience, and I had a great time. I hope I can come to one of the workshops later this year!

Rebecca Segall said...

It was so great having you!