Monday, March 31, 2008

Columbia Students Volunteer at Writopia Lab!

Six Columbia freshmen and sophomores arrived at 11:00am at Writopia Lab this past Saturday to spend the day helping Writopia Lab grow. By the end of the day, we were thrilled to find that each one contributed something invaluable:
Alyssa Lamontagne, 19, (right) suggested a fabulous school-outreach idea to us. In turn, she has decided to become our Spring College Intern in order to help implement that idea. Jack Yuan, 19, (middle) updated our computer networking system and gave us very insightful feedback about the website. Samantha Shaffer, 19, (left) identified schools in Manhattan that that have gifted and talented programs and found contact information for all program coordinators.

Liz Allocco, 18, (left) brainstormed ways that we could partner with libraries. She also identified libraries and library programs in NYC along with the contact information of program coordinators and librarians. Lauren Byrne, 18, (right) gave our marketing materials an overhaul. She clearly aced Marketing 101.

Nathan Dadap, 18, identified dozens of schools in the neighborhood that do not yet know about us, and created a list of current school contacts. He also gave us extremely helpful feedback on the program and website.

Thank you so much to all of them and to Emily Shaked of Columbia Community Outreach for helping organize this event!


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