Monday, February 4, 2008

Our First American Voices Award-Winner!

Posted by Rebecca Wallace-Segall

This past January, 26 Writopia Lab writers submitted 51 short stories, sci-fi- pieces, memoirs, screenplays, poems, humor pieces and more to the prestigious Scholastic Writing contest.

We were just informed by an administrator at Scholastic's Art & Writing Awards that our very own Leanna S. won a regional American Voices Award for her memoir, "Receding Tides." Out of the 1800 manuscripts submitted in our region this year, five received this award. Yay, Leanna!

The handful of American Voices Award-winners from around the country (grades 7-12) will now be entered into the national competition, and one will be chosen to win the National American Voices Award.

Scholastic administrators said that they would announce the rest of the regional results by the end of February. National results will be announced in late March.

Stay tuned :-).

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Andrea said...

Congrats, Leanna! That's great news!