Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Robert Frost and his Enlightening World


Finally we will be looking at the poet of the week! This week we are going to look at a modern poet.
Can you guess who? Give up?

It is
Robert Frost.

You may have heard of him one time or another, however this time we are going to get more of an idea of who he really was! Obviously, he was a poet, however like many poets there is so much more to know about them and their world of writing.
He was born in San Fransisco in 1874 and lived in Massachusetts. His first poem was called, “My Butterfly: An Elegy,” which was published when he was only 20 years old.
In 1912, he moved to England and continued to write poetry. Along the way he met other great writers who provided him with much encouragement to take his writing into a higher level and to have them more recognized amongst the public. As one may know, he did not fail! He won two Pulitzer Prizes and continued to attain fame with his poetry, many that showed and reflected a negative impact amongst the readers.
Frost died in January 1963, leaving behind many pieces of poetry that are learned in classrooms or are merely read for sheer pleasure.
Stepping away from Frost and his life, we can contemplate what poets think about when pencil and paper are at hand.
Considering Frost had a rather difficult yet successful life along the way, do you think that his poetry reflected his personal life? Or could it coincidently reflect your own? An interesting exercise to put together while reading poetry is to question yourself about the piece that is being read. Especially with Frost's work.

This week, read a few of Frost's poetry and see what you think. Soon we will be studying one of his poems more carefully by applying more broad and general questions towards his writing.

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Lily said...

I love Robert Frost! Ha, a good poet that i have actually heard of. Next blog please put a poem in so i can read it and not have to google some :) By the way, great idea with this.