Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Poet of the Week


This week's poet of the week will be John Keats, who was born October 31, 1795. He was a well known 'poets of the English Romantic movement.' He is known for many of his Odes: 'To Melancholy,' 'To a Grecian Urn,' 'To Psyche,' and 'To Autumn.' An ode is simply defined as, 'a lyric poem.' Keats takes the time to define each subject in his poem by praising them through intense and provocative language. He creates a clear vision of his thoughts and imagination.
Keats wrote many poems that are learned and studied in school today. Although he died at the tender age of 25, on February 23, 1821, he read many books that widened his imagination to the great beyond, hence helping us see further into our thoughts through his writings.

We will be looking and studying one of his odes this week, so check out the blog again before the end of this week!


Rebecca Segall said...

"Surely I dream'd to-day, or did I see
The wing├Ęd Psyche with awaken'd eyes?
I wander'd in a forest thoughtlessly,
And, on the sudden, fainting with surprise..."

...I was so surprised and pleased to find this post. Thank you, Rola :-). Looking forward to your insights!

Camiseta Personalizada said...
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