Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wednesday post.... Books that are popular....

This blog is supposed to focus on what books are popular. Each week the new blogger will concentrate on a particular
book that and help to uncover why it is popular and whether it is rightfully so.

The book that I chose was The Perks of being a WallFlower By Stephen Chbosky. I delayed reading this book for sometime because i thought it would be cliche i.e. just another book about teenage problems but after only a few pages i was proven wrong. I was instantly drawn to the main character, charlie who's quirks became really endearing and suprisingly refreshing. This book was unexpectedly moving and had much more depth to it than I would have expected. Unlike other books of this genre, the book proved to be incredibly bitter sweet and real. This can be seen as the book progresses and his character grows. This book's format was easy to read which was another plus. I would highly recommend this book to everyone but especially to those in highschool.

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Anonymous said...

Nicole, thank you for the recomendation, I just went out and bought it yesterday. So far I love it.