Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Welcome Jeremy Wallace-Segall!

I am thrilled to announce that my husband, Jeremy Wallace-Segall, has joined the Writopia team! He has served the nonprofit community for over a decade, and had been sharing his technology and organizational expertise with Writopia during evening and weekend hours over the past two years. Thankfully, we will be able to benefit from his knowledge more fully now.

Jeremy's education and non-profit experience will help us tremendously as we set out to bring writing workshops to as many kids as possible. As Director of Operations, Jeremy will take over many back-office tasks and will spearhead our efforts to bring in new students and develop relationships with more schools and community partners. Jeremy will use his database and web experience to strengthen the systems we use around the office, in workshops, and in communicating with the outside world. And he'll use his love of systemizing and documentation to make sure that we're always delvering the best service possible to our young writers.

At the Lab, our students have already seen a major change in the way we share our writing. By the end of the summer parents will also benefit from changes as he re-organizes and updates the website. And deep within our back-office lair, a handful of us will soon benefit from a new database for tracking students, families, schools, and workshops--maybe not so exciting for all of you, but quite thrilling, trust me, for those of us who actually need the data!

You can get in touch with him at (646) 290-8296 or Feel free to say hi, welcome him aboard, or barrage him with questions.

We are so excited to have him on board!


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That's one smart, attractive guy! Make sure you don't get distracted on the job:)